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About PVC Separation

PVC Separation Pty Ltd (“PVC Separation”) is an exciting and innovative business that has developed and owns a globally patented process which can separate many types of laminated of polymers and/or other diverse materials which are currently considered difficult or impossible to separate. The patented separation process is performed relatively quickly, is chemically safe and is very cost effective with a negligibly small carbon foot print and requiring only a relatively simple processing plant.

To date, PVC Separation have worked with leading global packaging manufacturers, fast food brands and manufacturers of products containing: PVC, various plastics, polyesters, paper laminated compositions, etc where we have demonstrated to these entities that their spent products (after end of life) can easily and efficiently be separated back to their raw form materials for recycling.The raw separated products can be sold to respective recyclers that will use them to make other items or the original same product.

PVC Separation has recently been approved by Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as an early stage innovation company and has also recently received a substantial grant from the South Australian Government to start construction on a recycling plant to be built and operated in South Australia.


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